What would the world look like if we viewed the success of others as our own?
The Walk
Across Kenya
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The walk across Kenya will start at Nam Lolwe (Lake Victoria) in Kisumu and end about 817 km at the Indian Ocean in Mombasa.
Battling harsh conditions, wildlife, and heavy fatigue, the walk will traverse the Great Rift Valley covering some of sub-Saharan Africa's most challenging terrain. The walk will take 40 days to complete (starting 1st April 2019).
Arrive In Kenya team members Nell (left) and Brian (right), will walk together, covering roughly 30 km everyday on foot, stopping and camping in small villages and local outposts along the way.
Why are we walking?
People say we're crazy; we say thank you. Our walk may seem silly to some, but to us there is no better expression of unity, compassion, and love than embarking on this journey.  
WE WALK to raise money and awareness for Arrive and the kids Arrive supports. We are using our own love for the outdoors and health to empower not only ourselves but others to shine bright. We will serve as healthy role models for our kids and people around the world who follow us on our journey. We are challenging ourselves in order to challenge others to get involved and learn more about Arrive. We're doing something we’re passionate about - walking - for something we’re passionate about - helping the most vulnerable kids in Kenya. 

WE WALK to engage local people along the way and to learn more about the country in which we work. As we learn from them, we will also educate  about Arrive’s work -  enabling them to help the most vulnerable kids in their own society through awareness and opportunity. Connecting and networking with “the real” Kenya will help us learn more about where the Arrive kids came from and better relate to, help, and support them.

WE WALK to connect. Everyone around the world walks. In this way, we are all connected. We are using this common medium - walking - to bring communities from around the world together in support of Arrive and empowering more of Kenya’s most vulnerable youth. 

WE WALK to explore, learn, grow, and challenge ourselves at the same time – all aspects of a healthy lifestyle we promote to the Arrive family. As  we walk, we will continually ask ourselves: what would the world look like if we viewed the success of others as our own? This mindset will expose unity, compassion, and love within ourselves, in the people we meet along the way, and everyone around the world who follows our journey.    
Walk with us
Even if you can't physically walk with us, there are many ways to "walk with us" from wherever you are in the world. 
Connecting The Walk to The World 
Everyday we will post riveting photo, video, and story updates from our walk through rural Africa. Updates and stories may be about the beautiful landscape we pass through, overcoming our own self-induced suffering, the incredible locals we meet along the way, the spirit of unity and compassion, or something else unknown. You can "walk with us" by following us:
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  • Instagram: @thewalkkenya // @arriveinkenya
  • Twitter: @arriveinkenya
  • Website: www.thewalkkenya.com // www.ArriveKenya.org
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Thank you
The Pressure Positive Co!
Our corporate sponsor The Pressure Positive Company has paid for ALL expenses of our walk - including food (lots of calories!), camping expenses, WiFi to post updates, and more. This means every cent of every donation we receive goes directly to the kids.
support our cause!
By supporting us, you are supporting the Arrive In Kenya children! Make a tax-deductible contribution to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization Arrive; EIN #: 462565243. 
The Walk from Kisumu to Mombasa is 817 km long.
Sponsor us $2 per km, to completely sponsor an Arrive child for an entire year. ($1,634 donation).
Sponsor us $1 per km, to pay for eight of the Arrive kids' primary school education costs for an entire year ($817 donation).
Sponsor us $0.50 per km, to buy Arrive a cow so the kids can drink milky chai tea every morning ($408 donation).
Sponsor us $0.10 per km, to buy one box of school textbooks for the Arrive students ($81.70 donation).
Sponsor us $0.01 per km, to buy 24 whole-food plant-based meals for the Arrive children ($8.17 donation).

Support our voluntary trek through the pain cave and help empower some of Kenya’s most vulnerable youth at the same time.

Any custom donation amount is appreciated (and tax-deductible).
Are you in Kenya and want to walk with us?
Arrive generates positive action and sustainable advancement to empower children in impoverished regions of the world by providing shelter, promoting good health, offering access to education and giving at risk children tools and opportunities for a successful, independent, and fulfilling life.
Meet the walkers
Learn more about the Arrive In Kenya team members embarking on The Walk.

Nell Pollak
Nell (27) is a New York native from small town Pleasantville, NY. She studied photography at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Nell has always been one to pursue things that push her out of her comfort zone. Now on her third trip to Kenya, Nell is a member of the Board of Directors of Arrive In Kenya. She is excited for this walk as not only will it inspire the world and help the kids she loves, but it will allow her to eat more chocolate cake.
Contact: nellelizabethpollak@gmail.com
Brian Gregory Ash
Brian (28) is the President of Arrive In Kenya, which he founded after traveling to Africa in 2012. Brian was raised in Connecticut, USA, before graduating from the University of Colorado in 2013 with a degree in Economics. Brian has bicycled 4,950 km across the United States and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, but the deeper meaning behind The Walk makes this endurance challenge the most meaningful of his life.
What would the world look like if we viewed the success of others as our own?
Arrive is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization; all donations are tax-deductible. EIN# 462565243. 
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